Johan shows top class in the Norwegian Indoor Championship and speeds to victory

Only five riders came out clear after the first round of the Norwegian Senior Indoor Championship last weekend in Arendal, but it was Johan Gulliksen & Quiet Easy who came out as the only combination to finish with 0 faults during the whole Championship. Pål Flam finished second, Victoria Gulliksen third. By this, Johan has secured his first championship medal as a senior rider.
Photo Sille Kasin /
Published  14.11.2017
"It was a long way to go, Johan said after the prize ceremony. Many obstacles had to be jumped clear before the gold was mine."

Maximum height and tight turns gave the riders some challenges in the final, while the limited time allowed in the first round became a real stress moment for many. But Johan showed why he is on the top of the Norwegian rankings. With a experienced speed horse like Quiet Easy under the saddle, the two could finish both clear and fast.

Johan says:
"Quiet Easy is an experienced horse that suits me very well, with a lot of blood and tremendous power. I have ridden him for six months now, just as long as it takes to get to know a horse properly. "

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